Four week 
Strength and Conditioning programme 
The focus on correct technique and progressive overload will be a gamechanger.
4 week progressive programme
Designed with performers in mind
Professional and qualified coaches
One day a week
Wednesday @ 8.30pm
Do you participate in sport?
Do you want to get Stronger?
Research has shown that strength training will improve not only your running and cycling economy but also your time to exhaustion.

Leg strength in particular can increase power output and increases the length of time it takes to reach exhaustion.  Something which we will concentrate in your programming.

Put simply you will be able to move faster for longer.
Do you want to get Faster?
If you goal is to run/cycle better and faster then you should add strength and conditioning sessions into your training.

By increasing force production, this specifically designed programme will increase your power output making you a faster performer.

The development of leg strength will contribute to overall power and will in turn increase the speed at which you move, therefore giving your new PB's

Now who wouldn't want that
Do you want to have less injury?
Strength training is a very effective tool for injury prevention for a variety of reasons.
Strength training improves the strength of the muscles, tendons, and even the ligaments and bones. The stronger muscles and tendons help hold the body in proper alignment and protect the bones and joints when moving or under impact.

The bones become stronger and the ligaments become more flexible and better at absorbing the shock applied to them during dynamic movements.

Strength training, using a balanced program, will eliminate these weak areas and balance the body for the activities it is called to do.

Programming built to deliver increased performance, improved efficiency and reduced injury. .

Targeted programming

The classes will target your weaknesses and allow you to improve your performance without undue injury

Out of the Box 

This will be like no other Strength and Conditioning you have ever complete. We believe everyone can EVOLVE and will strive to help you achieve your goals

Online support

Additional support will be provided through our online community, allowing you to get assistance outside of your classes

Simple & Effective

Quality coaching from highly trained coaches will keep your training simple and effective, allowing you to progress at your own pace
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This is what our customers have said about our work ethic
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
The coaches at EVOLVE Health and Fitness have provided really effective coaching and have allowed me to progress well within my sporting field.  I highly recommend you signing up for any Strength and Conditioning classes.  You will not be disappointed.

Janice Doherty

Make 2019 your year to excel and EVOLVE
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